About our brand


GONA is a fine jewelry brand known

for its unconventional designs and

playful signature charms.

Founded in Paris in 2020,

GONA has become synonymous with

"magical treasures"

crafted "for the love at heart." Brand founder

and designer, Nina, seamlessly

infuses a sense of vitality and delicacy into all of

her high-quality designs.

Each piece is a unique memento for celebrating life,

love, family, and every occasion,

from commemorating lifelong relationships

to celebrating the birth of a child.

The team captures the hearts of high-profile clients,

social media pioneers,

and a wide network of devoted customers worldwide by

incorporating themes of love,

vitality, and youth into their work.


I'd like to highlight that GONA

is a collective of individuals who adore animals

and are committed to crafting

exquisite jewelry for you.

Our aim is to encapsulate the whimsy

of the ocean and the lively interplay of light

on the earth's surface.

Animals on our planet are invaluable

treasures that embody symbolism, hope, and joy.

At our store,

you'll discover a delightful array

of animal-themed collections,

including lovable dolphins, lively dogs,

and charming pandas.

Each item is crafted with the utmost care and precision,

using only the highest quality materials.

We are proud to carry on a tradition of

passion and spirit that has been passed down

through generations.

Our hope is that you find something truly unique

and meaningful,

so that you may carry the essence

of nature with you always.


Our company's global headquarters is situated

in Strasbourg, France,

while our design studio is located

in the fashion hub of Paris.

In addition,

we own factories based in Hong Kong to ensure the highest

level of quality for our products.