Product Care


Precautions for Jewelry’s Daily Care:

We would like to suggest you:

Do not wear any jewelry while bathing, sleeping, exercising, cooking or doing dishes;

Keep your jewelry away from cosmetics, perfume and irritant detergent, etc;

Please check the inlays regularly for looseness if your jewelry has any inlays.

Cleaning of Jewelry:

We would like to suggest you to clean your jewelry regularly to ensure that it is in a good condition and keeps bright;

Add a few drops of detergent (neutral pH ) in warm water and gently place the jewelry in;

Gently wipe the chain with your fingers and then clean the pendant with a small soft brush; the brush with soft bristles must be used to avoid scratching the jewelry or deforming fragile parts;

After cleaning the jewelry, wash off any remaining detergent with clean warm water;

Place the jewelry on a cloth for getting dry naturally; do not use a towel as the lint may get stuck in the pendant and affect the normal use.

Maintenance Instructions by Materials:

    Zircon should be kept separately away from cosmetics for daily storage: Since zircon has an oleaginous nature, it tends to stain greasy cosmetics, making its surface luster weaken.It is also important to keep it away from other jewelry because zircon is hard and can easily scratch other stones.

        Crystals should be stored to avoid collisions. Because of crystal’s fragileness which is easy to be damaged by collisions with hard objects, it should be packed separately.

            Pearls are soft and should be worn to avoid contact or friction with hard objects or even any clothes with hard materials, so it is not advisable to wear pearl jewelry with coarse clothing in case of abrasion or scratch. Besides, to prevent harmful erosion of substances which can make the pearl faded or lose luster, pearls also should be avoided contacting with cosmetics and strong acids, like acid vinegar, alcohol, perfume, perfume powder or hair oil, etc. For daily storage, please put it in a soft, clean velvet or silk jewelry box. In case of pearls’ water loss and the luster’s affection, the pearls should not be placed in a plastic bag or plastic box for sealed storage.