1.Heavier and larger than other

charms, just perfect!

2.More delicate and complex process

Micro-painted enamel under the microscope

Micro-painted enamel

is a paramount feature of GONA's craftsmanship,

and GONA ensures that each final goods are by hand.

Our master craftsmen enamel under a microscope

and take at least 4 hours to paint a piece.

3.Discover our materials

-Colored silver

After conducting thousands of experiments,

GONA's laboratory

has developed the perfect metal ratio formula

by fusing solid silver with other metals.

This results in a more durable

and shiny luster for our silver jewelry,

overcoming the industry-wide issue of oxidation and fading.

Throughout history,

people have cherished gold ornaments

for their beauty and value.


we've taken this appreciation to the next level with

our exclusive colored silver alloy,

which features 14k gold or rose gold plating.

The introduction of our unique S180 marks a new chapter

in our rich history of helping individuals express

their personal style.

The colored silver alloy with 14k gold plating allows us to offer gold lovers fabulous jewelry at affordable prices, enriching our collection with new options.

The colored silver alloy with 14k rose gold plating represents individuality and personality, romance and unostentatious luxury.


GONA's charms are highly versatile, and can be applied to all of GONA's bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, as well as to similar brands like Pandora's bracelets and necklaces.